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Air Conditioning

Do you know what SEER means? It stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio and is used to rate the efficiency of air conditioners (ACs) and heat pumps.

New air conditioners have much higher SEER ratings than older models, making a new air conditioner purchase a worthwhile investment for your Ellicott City, MD, home. Environmental Systems Associates provides top-quality installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance services.

Does your outdoor condenser unit make strange (or loud) sounds whenever you switch on the air conditioner? Perhaps your Ellicott City home takes longer to cool down these days—you may have a refrigerant leak. If you suspect any problems with your air conditioning unit, give us a call. We offer always offer accurate, up-front quotes.

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Air Ducts

If you want to improve the indoor air quality (IAQ) of your Ellicott City, MD, home, a good place to start is with your air ducts. Tightly sealed ductwork, cleared of accumulated dust, debris, and other contaminants, is a breath of fresh air for you to enjoy.

Clogged ducts do just the opposite. They restrict the airflow and stress out your heating and cooling equipment. Your system now has to work harder to circulate the air around your Ellicott City home, costing you more in energy bills.

Environmental Systems Associates is a trusted source when it comes to maintaining your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment. Why take a chance with your investment?

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Ductless Systems

If you have any rooms in your Ellicott City, MD, home that never seem to cool down or warm up evenly, you might want to add a ductless system mini split. These systems create a perfect zone control system, allowing you to add extra comfort to any part of your home.

Give Environmental Systems Associates a call for a free consultation to determine if a ductless mini split is right for your home. We offer comprehensive maintenance to help protect your ductless system and assist you build the dream house you deserve.

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HVAC Maintenance

Your Ellicott City, MD, heating and cooling equipment are big-ticket items that add comfort and safety to your home—keep them performing at peak capacity by scheduling regular professional preventative maintenance.

Environmental Systems Associates offers maintenance to help keep your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) working efficiently and to help prevent unexpected and costly breakdowns and repairs. Call us today for a free consultation.

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Indoor Air Quality

These days, homeowners across Maryland are taking extra measures to improve their indoor air quality (IAQ). We spend a lot of time inside our Ellicott City, MD, homes, so it only makes sense to create a healthy and comfortable environment for everyone to enjoy.

Our licensed experts at Environmental Systems Associates can help upgrade your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system to provide more comfort and improved air quality. Give us a call today for a free consultation.

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Zone Control Systems

Does your family tend to gather in a particular room? If so, you can adjust that zone to a temperature setting of your choice. Perhaps you want your kitchen warmer than your upstairs bedroom. A zone control system allows you that option. Give Environmental Systems Associates a call today for a free consultation on how zoning can benefit your household.

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“This is the first time that I had Douglas Williams come and do my fall maintenance. I was so impressed with his knowledge and friendliness. Had to leave a review because he was so thorough and always had a smile on his face.”
- Debbie K.
“ESA provided excellent service with my heat pump replacement. Dean was very professional, returned my phone calls in a timely manner and came by the day of installation to make sure all was well and asked if I had any questions. Their installation team arrived on time, covered the work area with care and were courteous/knowledgeable.” – Irma R.
'- Irma R.
“We would like to recognize Nicholas for his outstanding efforts in troubleshooting our recent issue with our furnace thermostat. We called ESA because our thermostat screen would turn “blank” several times a day for several minutes. Initially he thought we would need a new thermostat unit, so a followup appointment was scheduled for the next day for installation. When he returned, he told us he had thought about this problem and wanted to check some other things in our system, thinking perhaps there was another problem causing the thermostat to shut off. After some more investigation, Nicholas found that the fan speed was set too low during the new installation last year, which was causing excessive heat and tripping the system to shut off. This solved our problem, and he saved us over $400. We would like to commend his diligence and motivation, since he was thinking about this during his off hours. It demonstrates that he is a very capable technician who should be encouraged towards more responsibility and higher level work. Thank you!” – Audrey K.
'- Audrey K.
“The team that installed our new furnace/AC did a great job. They were professional, wearing masks, and were efficient. At the end, the team leader explained every. I am very impressed with every aspect of the job.” – Robert F.
'- Robert F.
“ESA installed our air conditioner and gas heat units 22 years ago. When our AC unit stopped working, ESA came right out, assessed the situation, and explained our options. In the few days that we were without working AC, ESA lent us a portable room air conditioner unit, which cooled our main living area nicely. Our new AC is wonderful!! The ESA technicians are fantastic and take care of every detail. Upon completion, the system was explained to me in detail. I highly recommend ESA for all heating and cooling needs.” – Jane J.
'- Jane J.
“I have been using Environmental Systems Associates for over 10 years and it has always been with excellent results. Recently, I added a Gas Furnace to my house and went through ESA to handle all the aspects. Top notch professions that really know the systems. I also have relied on them for yearly maintenance and repairs. Always on time, always knowledgeable and professional. I believe they always go above and beyond by providing advice, tips on getting the best out of your HVAC systems. They are the absolute best!” – Mary Ann E.
'- Mary Ann E.
“Great service and fair pricing, I will be using environmental system for all my future ac and heating repairs. Came out same day my ac failed and repaired on the spot. I even got an invoice with pictures of what had caused the issue.” – Andrew K.
'- Andrew K.