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Video - Why is my pilot light out?

Video – Check Your Furnace Pilot Light 

October 27, 2022

Your furnace may be blowing cold air because the pilot light has gone out. Call us or request service online to have it properly fixed. This is indicative of a bigger problem that requires professional help.

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Blog Title: What Does Indoor Air Quality Have to Do With Allergies? Photo: Woman sneezing nose with tissue

What Does Indoor Air Quality Have to Do With Allergies?

October 14, 2022

If your home is facing air-quality issues, you may be suffering anything from minor discomfort to significant allergy or health problems. Our team at Environmental Systems Associates wants to help keep your home’s indoor air quality high and you and your family healthy and comfortable.

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Video - Energy Saving Tip 5

Video – Energy Saving Tip 5

September 27, 2022

Do you need more ways to keep your home cool this season? Call us at Environmental Systems Associates today to learn more & schedule service!

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Image of family buy the window during winter. Is your heating system ready for this winter?

Is Your Heating System Ready for This Winter?

September 18, 2022

Winters here in Maryland can get pretty cold. If you want to remain comfortable regardless of how low the outdoor temperature drops, prepare your heating system so that it runs efficiently and keeps you warm.

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Blog Title: Video - Energy Saving Tip 4 

Video – Energy Saving Tip 4 

August 22, 2022

Using natural light instead of artificial light inside is an easy way to save on your energy bill and keep your home cool.

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Blog Title: Common AC Problems and Solutions

Common AC Problems and Solutions

August 10, 2022

Our team at Environmental Systems Associates wants you to be aware, prepared, and ready to solve these air conditioning issues so you and your family can stay cool this summer.

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Video – Energy Saving Tip

July 29, 2022

Close your blinds on sun-facing windows during the day to keep the sun from heating up your Maryland home and causing your AC to use more energy.

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Why is My AC Blowing Hot Air?

July 11, 2022

It’s the first really hot day of summer in Fulton when the floor fans and the open windows just don’t cut it anymore. You head over to your thermostat and select “air conditioner” and wait for that refreshing icy air to start blowing out of your vents.

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someone turning on a fan

Video – Energy Saving Tip 2

June 27, 2022

Turn on your ceiling fan when you’re home while raising the temperature on your thermostat to save energy costs and keep your home feeling cool. Make sure that your fan is rotating counter clockwise to blow the air straight down and therefore feel cool.

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Blue and brown modern office

Consider a Ductless AC System

June 9, 2022

When you think of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, you probably think of the furnace and air conditioner (AC) equipment inside, an air conditioner component outside, and a network of ducts running throughout your Fulton home. 

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