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“This is the first time that I had Douglas Williams come and do my fall maintenance. I was so impressed with his knowledge and friendliness. Had to leave a review because he was so thorough and always had a smile on his face.”

– Debbie K.

“Our 91-year-old father had a new unit installed at the end of last summer and this company was just great to work with. A part went bad on a Friday and while we were on vacation, our father called to say it was broken. We called and spoke to Lynette who got a repair crew out the same day and it was fixed before the sun went down. We were put at ease that he would be comfortable and safe in his home and Lynette was extremely friendly.

We found out he was charged quite a bit of money, so when we called again today to ask about it, she informed us it was a deposit that was being refunded as we speak. Lynette is amazing and we’re very happy with her customer service and with Environmental Systems’ fast and fair repair service as well. Thank you!”

– Derrick H.

“I had a great experience with ESA. Every one I spoke with on the phone was very helpful as well as the technicians who came out to do the job. I am very happy and plan on using this company again in the future.”

– Emelie B.

‘- Emelie B.

“Noticed that on my thermostat I could not set the system at AUTO. Also had questions about adding a dehumidifier. Contacted ESA on 6/27 late morning. Was transferred to Scott for technical information. He asked lots of questions and told me he wanted to research the specifics of my system and would call back, probably that afternoon. Scott called first thing in the morning of 6/28. He apologized for not getting back to me sooner. He walked me through the steps necessary to correct the issues with me at the thermostat and Scott instructing what to do. It took about 15 minutes, and everything was done and I learned more about the system. He asked if I was happy with the results, which I was. We agreed to see how the changes impacted the system moving forward. The process addressed my concerns without the company sending someone on a service call. Win-win! My next service will be for my fall maintenance as I have a service contract. Have been a customer for at least 20 years and highly recommend the company.”

– Carole K.

‘- Carole K.

“Mr. Benjamin Griswold arrived promptly. He arrived wearing a mask, introduced himself before placing booties over his shoes and started work. He was very pleasant and affable. He is the kind of technician who represents ESA well.”

– Elinda L.

‘- Elinda L.

“Tarrence did a fantastic job servicing our units! He was professional and made sure to add pieces to help protect our basement from water damage. He thoroughly checked all systems and was respectful of our home. Thank you, Tarrance! :)”

– Debby G.

‘- Debby G.

“ESA, thank you for providing end-to-end quality customer service. You are to be commended for your consistency in providing such skilled technicians as the face of your company. Specifically, I would like to recognize Alex, Ryan L., Seth, and John. I had the opportunity to work with them as a team on the installation of my recently installed Carrier system. Alex was instrumental in providing the very expert guidance as I pondered the needed replacement. Ryan professionally led his team on the smooth installation. I continue to be pleased with the quality service made possible by those mentioned. I look forward to working with Alex, Ryan, and the team, as my assigned technicians. They are AWESOME!”

– Shirley M.

‘- Shirley M.

“Brian Warren did a great job figuring out that my Y1 had issues. We had an extra wire in the line so he used that one replacing the yellow wire. Double checked the heat exchanger to be sure it was getting a signal. Very thorough and polite.”

– Christopher B.

‘- Christopher B.

“Alex came on a service call to fix my gas furnace. He was prompt, polite and very professional. My problem was resolved. I have always been impressed with ESA.”

– patrick r.

‘- patrick r.

“ESA provided excellent service with my heat pump replacement. Dean was very professional, returned my phone calls in a timely manner and came by the day of installation to make sure all was well and asked if I had any questions. Their installation team arrived on time, covered the work area with care and were courteous/knowledgeable.”

– Irma R.

‘- Irma R.

“I have been using ESA as my HVAC maintenance company since relocating to MD over two years ago. I have always been impressed with their professional service and knowledgeable staff. ESA notified me of severe rusting problems with my townhouse’s 22-year-old gas furnace following annual inspection. With their help and advice, I chose a new Carrier furnace as a replacement. It was installed in mid-January by a very capable crew. Cody, Dylan and John M did the work on time, cleaned up afterwards and explained the new furnace’s features and operation. I am completely happy with the result and glad to recommend ESA to all concerned.”

– William P.

‘- William P.

“Wow! I see why they’re the best in Howard County. Richard ensured we received the best quality service. He was fully transparent about what was and was not needed. Alex did an outstanding job at figuring out what was wrong with the unit. Moreover, they did not leave until it was fixed. Honest, knowledgeable and reliable. I highly recommend their services!

Thanks again!”

– Viridiana M.

‘- Viridiana M.

“The weather had shifted and we were freezing. Our heat was not working. With limited availability due to work, I was hoping to be seen asap. They had a cancellation, and fit me right into their schedule. The service technician was friendly, professional and fixed the problem in minutes. I appreciate their honesty and excellent service. I will forever be a customer and highly recommend ESA.”

– Diana Cantrelle M.

‘- Diana M.

“I received two heat pumps Aug 26 , Sean’s the team leader came with about eight people first thing in the morning they were done at four.
The team was outstanding, very knowable and Efficient . I would highly recommend environmental systems association to purchase your heat pump and ask for Sean and his team to installl he was a great team leader . Great experience, no stress at all”

– Paul K.

‘- Paul K.

“Hello. A big thank you and shout out to Scott, April and Alex for their help this week! I appreciate the time that Scott took to speak with me on the phone about the switch on the air handler and how the plastic covering gets dirty. It was great that April was able to schedule a technician to come out so quickly. And, Alex thoroughly investigated, cleaned the plastic covering and took photos to show that there wasn’t dirt/mold in other parts of the unit. Thanks again for the prompt and professional service.”

– Kristin S.

‘- Kristin S.

“Best HVAC service I've ever had. Been with you for many years. Shane was the best of the best. Very thorough with his review of the AC. Took his time to do that. Taking time to do a very good job is most important to a customer. Hang onto that guy!”

– Michael R.

‘- Michael R.

“Environmental Systems has proven their commitment to customer satisfaction. As soon as the management learned of my period of unsatisfactory dealings with them, they reached out immediately to rectify the situation. Their concern and commitment renewed my long-standing trust in their company. My 50 year sole reliance on them for all heating and air conditioning service has been validated by their superior handling of this problem. And I will continue to give them a 5 star rating.”

– Lucy H.

‘- Lucy H.

“I began using ESA in 2002 when I bought a home with an existing ESA maintenance service agreement. Every maintenance technician has been professional, courteous, and educational. In Dec 2020, I replaced my HVAC system. The experience has been outstanding. ESA helped me select the high-efficiency system that meets my needs, acquire excellent financing, and EA continues to patiently teach me how to get the best operation from my investment. The phone staff is knowledgeable and always courteous. I recommend ESA.”

– Ayodele M.

‘- Ayodele M.

“Wonderful experience working with Environmental Systems Associates from start to finish. All of the installers were very professional, and did a great job removing my old system and installing the new one. I was very impressed with the quality of work and the efficiency at which they completed the job. I have now had nearly two weeks to evaluate the installation, during a period of extremely cold weather, and everything is working perfectly.”

– Michael G.

‘- Michael G.

“We would like to recognize Nicholas for his outstanding efforts in troubleshooting our recent issue with our furnace thermostat. We called ESA because our thermostat screen would turn “blank” several times a day for several minutes. Initially he thought we would need a new thermostat unit, so a followup appointment was scheduled for the next day for installation. When he returned, he told us he had thought about this problem and wanted to check some other things in our system, thinking perhaps there was another problem causing the thermostat to shut off. After some more investigation, Nicholas found that the fan speed was set too low during the new installation last year, which was causing excessive heat and tripping the system to shut off. This solved our problem, and he saved us over $400. We would like to commend his diligence and motivation, since he was thinking about this during his off hours. It demonstrates that he is a very capable technician who should be encouraged towards more responsibility and higher level work. Thank you!”

– Audrey K.

‘- Audrey K.

“The team that installed our new furnace/AC did a great job. They were professional, wearing masks, and were efficient. At the end, the team leader explained every. I am very impressed with every aspect of the job.”

– Robert F.

‘- Robert F.

“ESA installed our air conditioner and gas heat units 22 years ago. When our AC unit stopped working, ESA came right out, assessed the situation, and explained our options. In the few days that we were without working AC, ESA lent us a portable room air conditioner unit, which cooled our main living area nicely. Our new AC is wonderful!! The ESA technicians are fantastic and take care of every detail. Upon completion, the system was explained to me in detail. I highly recommend ESA for all heating and cooling needs.”

– Jane J.

‘- Jane J.

“JJ came out today when the system said it was malfunctioning and to call ESA. JJ was here within the hour from when I placed the call. He was professional, friendly, efficient, and very knowledgeable. He answered all of my questions and ensured that I had an adequate understanding of everything going on. JJ truly embodies the characteristics of a phenomenal provider of service in this industry.”

– Cheri T.

‘- Cheri T.

“I have been using Environmental Systems Associates for over 10 years and it has always been with excellent results. Recently, I added a Gas Furnace to my house and went through ESA to handle all the aspects. Top notch professions that really know the systems. I also have relied on them for yearly maintenance and repairs. Always on time, always knowledgeable and professional. I believe they always go above and beyond by providing advice, tips on getting the best out of your HVAC systems. They are the absolute best!”

– Mary Ann E.

‘- Mary Ann E.

“Love our new gas heater and air conditioning system. The installation crew was professional, efficient, and went beyond requirements to complete an excellent job. We are extremely pleased.”

– Barbara D.

‘- Barbara D.

“Great work, very knowledgeable. I would prefer Ivan on all my service calls and also prefer first AM appointment.”

– Robert T.

‘- Robert T.

“I have been a customer of Environmental Systems since 1976. I would like to recognize Maureen(office contact) and Scott (our tech) for an outstanding job recently done for us – last week before the snow began we had no heat-Scott had someone troubleshoot our Carrier model and came to our home twice to make sure the proper repair was done before the storm. As a seasoned (older) realtor I have provided Environmental's name to many clients thru the years they provide outstanding service in a very professional manner.”

– Elaine K.

‘- Elaine K.

“I can highly recommend ESA. Installation of a new AC and Furnace was scheduled within one week after placing the order. The space for the furnace was very, very tight but Ryan L. and his team fit in the new one just fine. (The original furnace was put in when the house was built before they put up the walls…). They showed up on time, cleaned up after they left, they handle the warranty registration, permit, inspection, rebate submission etc. Very Happy with their service.”

– Ferdinand M.

‘- Ferdinand M.

“Steve of Environmental Systems Associates provided our semi-annual AC/H checkup. He showed up exactly on time (and brought in my newspaper with him). He was extremely friendly and helpful, taking the time to fully explain a number of setting options on our automated thermostat relating to humidity settings in the heating mode vs the cooling mode. His inspection and maintenance of our systems left me confident that they are in good shape and will get us through the winter. He also gave me his card and offered to personally answer any additional questions that come up. I award Steve "5 Stars" for friendliness, helpfulness and thoroughness. He is recommended without reservation. Thanks again Steve and hope to see you next inspection.”

– Jeffrey O.

‘- Jeffrey O.

“Your service technician, Ivan G, just left my house after providing the semi annual maintenance service to my 3 heat pump units. I would like to commend him for his efficiency, as well as his outstanding professional manner. He seemed very knowledgeable in responding to any questions I posed and performed his tasks with diligence. He was very polite and also tidy. I would like to request that he be the dedicated service person to return to our home for all contracted maintenance services. Thank you so much.”

– Helen M.

‘- Helen M.

“Great service and fair pricing, I will be using environmental system for all my future ac and heating repairs. Came out same day my ac failed and repaired on the spot. I even got an invoice with pictures of what had caused the issue.”

– Andrew K.

‘- Andrew K.