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Ensure Reliable Heat with Expert Furnace Replacement

Replacing your furnace is a significant decision that can affect not just the temperature inside your home but the energy efficiency of your entire HVAC system. By investing in professional furnace replacement from experienced local installers, you can ensure you get the ideal furnace for your needs.

Taking the time to identify the right replacement model is about saving you money in energy bills and finding a furnace that can guarantee consistent warmth during even the coldest months. We have the training and expertise to handle your replacement furnace installation properly, making sure it lasts for a long time. With furnace replacement services from Environmental Systems Associates, your family will enjoy the comfort of your home all year-round! Get a free quote today by giving us a call at 410-381-7991.

How Is Furnace Replacement Different from Installation?

Specifically, furnace installation is the process of setting up a furnace, connecting it to the house or business then the rest of the HVAC system. Furnace replacement is largely similar but involves removing and disposing the existing furnace then replacing it with a brand-new unit. We think that understanding this distinction is important because they involve different processes and require unique skill sets.

When beginning the furnace replacement process, it’s important to consider your comfort priorities. The Environmental Systems Associates team can help you pick the perfect furnace make and model that addresses those focal points while also ensuring proper installation so that it runs efficiently from day one.

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Top Five Things to Consider As You Start the Furnace Replacement Process



Your furnace needs to be sized to the square-footage of the property its being installed in order to supply the most energy-efficient heating. A small furnace will struggle to warm a large, cold room, and even furnaces that are oversized for a property can cause troubles such as short cycling. If the problem gets bad enough, it may need to be repaired.


Energy Efficiency

Look for furnace models with high energy-efficiency ratings, as this assures saving more money on utility bills in the long run. You can determine the furnace’s efficiency through its Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency rating, which illustrates how much fuel is transfered into heat.



Todays furnaces come manufactured with features designed to improve performance or provide additional HVAC support. Evaluating makes and models can ensure you find a product with worthwhile features, such as smart technology compatibility.


Maintenance needs

Will you be able to help maintain the furnace yourself? The more complex a model is, the more maintenance they might call for, which should be considered into your overall budget. You can often handle simple tasks like replacing the filter, but more comprehensive maintenance safer when handled by the professionals.



Only consider furnace makes and models that fit your budget. Don’t forget to think about the expected lifespan of the furnace, which can be prolonged if you invest in professional services like furnace maintenance.

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At Environmental Systems Associates, we are committed to making the replacement process as stress-free as possible. Our certified furnace installers will make sure your furnace is replaced correctly with a new model that will last for years to come. Contact us at 410-381-7991 for a free quote.

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